For people looking to build an online presence, where to begin can be as confusing as all get out. But luckily it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing an SEO company can be expensive if you’re starting from scratch. We are here to guide you through to online domination.

Step 1: Get a GMB

GMB or Google My Business is probably the easiest and FREE thing you can do for your business. It’s as easy as creating an email address. Once you input your information, you’ll await a post card in the mail to the designated business location with a code on it you type in for confirmation. After a short pending period your business is listed! Many SEO companies will charge up to a $200 set-up fee for this, it’s a scam, you can do this if you have the slightest bit of computer awareness and its free to do.

Step 2: Buy a URL

.com’s are the most used and authoritive domain you can have, so be on the lookout for these. Unless you have an SEO team or have a basis of knowledge it would be best to buy a used or expired domain from places like godaddy. These often have a bit of authority to boost your presence right off the bat. But be aware of what you’re buying, utilize tools such as AHREFS to determine the backlinks and anchor text associated with these. They may have been penalized by google for having spammy backlinks or something foreign from your designated region. If you are starting off fresh than that can be just as good as long as you follow good website development.

Step 3: Build a Website

Very few people create code only sites these days. Most are created using complete drag and drop builders or some code. Our preference is the industry standard wordpress, but we have seen a lot of great stuff come out of other builders such as webflow and wix. Make sure, if you use a website design company, to inquire about the type of builder they use as WIX tends to be the easiest of the three so it should cost the least to build as its not as customizable. A typical starting amount for a 5-10 page website is in the $1000-2500 range. Anything over and they’re probably gouging unless you have some truly custom requests. If you are learning to build a website on your own there are some great tutorials on youtube to follow or you can contact us and we’ll give you some recommendations.

Step 4: On-site SEO

Congrats you’ve made it to step four! You’ve gotten through the toughest bits. Now you need to make sure your page is relevant in googles eyes. This means what you talk about and display to customers needs to pertain to your business, so using what are called keywords becomes paramount. Keywords are the authoritative phrases like: website builders in Colorado, or couch cleaners. Making sure you have these relevant words throughout your site in quantities of maybe 5 keywords per page is a must. This is what google sees to place you somewhere in their index. This grows over time and usually can take 6 months to a year to start seeing progress.

Step 5: Off-site SEO

This is the meta descriptions and things not within your page itself but things google will see to search you. Whatever builder you use there will be a meta description section on the details section of each page. You’ll have to do this for each one but you’ll need to write a short relevant description with a keyword or two within it. Also make sure all of your images are named, google sees this too!

Step 6: Market

Now you need to grow your domain. This means you need to market your site in any way to boost traffic. Write blogs, get your clients to give you reviews, buy more authoritative sites to 304 redirect, backlink, backlink, backlink. Everything you do as long as its relevant and positive will boost your rating in googles eyes and get you to the top pages of google for your keywords.

Step 7: Reap the Rewards

Nearly 100% of traffic wont go past the first page of google when searching for a business, so to get to this spot it takes a lot of hard work determination and a bit of money. So make sure to stay persistent and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us or our dedicated partners!